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Exchange Program

Return/Exchange Program


At CarHub we understand that purchasing a vehicle is a major decision and we want to give you peace of mind by knowing that you can shop confidently with the CarHub Money-Back Guarantee. This straight-forward return and exchange program is available on nearly all pre-owned vehicles and comes with a 3 day/500 km return and exchange option.

If you don’t love it, you can just return it or exchange it for a different new or pre-owned vehicle and get 100% of your CarHub Best Price back towards the next vehicle (excluding the tax difference on non-refundable items, accessories, services, license and documentation fees).


This Money-Back Guarantee applies to the vehicle as well as its warranties, insurances and pre-paid maintenance. The vehicle and these add-ons are covered and refundable within the 3 day guarantee period.


Terms For Return or Exchange


  • For a vehicle to qualify for a refund or exchange, it must be a pre-owned vehicle (demos do not qualify) and it must be returned during business hours within the guarantee period of up to 3 days after the day of delivery or up to 500 km, whichever comes first.
  • Vehicle must be in the same physical and mechanical condition as it was during original delivery with no damage and no alterations (including but not limited to, automotive product applications such as a wrap, accessories you had installed anywhere on the car or adhered to surfaces such as a phone mount) or any other modifications of any kind.
  • If the vehicle was financed, CarHub will reverse the transaction with the lender. Any fees associated with cancelling with the lender will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • If choosing to exchange or return your vehicle, a maximum of 1 exchange or return will be processed for a single purchase.
  • Customers are responsible for returning the vehicle back to the selling store. If transportation services are required, the customer will be responsible for the costs to return the vehicle to the original selling store.
  • If the customer traded-in their previous vehicle:
    • If that vehicle has subsequently been sold within the return period, CarHub will pay the cash value represented on the contract, minus any fees/charges due.
    • If the customer would like their original trade and it is still available, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the safety inspection and any required work to pass the inspection.
    • If the customer had a shortfall between what was owed on their trade and their trade value, the client will be responsible for that value if their trade has been subsequently sold.




  • This program does not cover the following:
    • Accessories you purchased and had installed (including but not limited to side steps, RAM bar or tinted windows). They are not eligible for return and will be deducted from the return proceeds.
    • Protection products you purchased that were applied to the vehicle (including but not limited to: Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection, Interior Protection, Rust Protection, Undercoating, etc.). They are not eligible for return.
    • Customers are responsible for any licensing costs associated with the vehicle purchase, return or exchange.
  • The 3 Day Money-Back Guarantee does not apply to vehicles located and purchased from an outside source on behalf of the customer (dealer trades), vehicles delivered outside of Ontario or vehicles purchased under a fleet or broker sales agreement.


  • Special vehicles or high-performance vehicles are excluded from this program (including, but not limited to Ford Shelby, Ford Mustang GT, Ford Raptor, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge/Jeep SRT, Hyundai N Line, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz AMG packages, BMW M packages, Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, Mercedes-Benz S Class and Maybach, Porsche 911, etc.).


The purchase contract will stipulate if the vehicle does not qualify for the CarHub 3 Day Return/Exchange Program. Customers must have a signed copy of the CarHub Money-Back Guarantee agreement for the Return/Exchange option to be available.